Rose Needs Howard.

Derrick Rose NEEDS Dwight Howard! He is the only player in the NBA that can help the Bulls get past the Heat in the east. Derrick Rose has proven time and time again that he is a phenomenal player, but like we have been told since we were kids there is no I in TEAM. He is going to need someone to help out a little more consistently than Boozer and Noah.

Boozer only plays quality basketball against teams that aren’t worth a damn, and he decides not to show up when the game actually means something. When you are playing GAME SEVEN, in MIAMI, on the ROAD, you need everyone to show up! Joakim Noah plays hard, gets rebounds, and you could make the argument that he had a good game last night. However, most of his points came early in the game and  provided little help when it came down to the wire. Rose had to take the game over for the Bulls to squeak by with a win. He knew the game was in his hands and he had to make a play. This really limits your offensive attack especially late in the game. Not to mention this was against an (8-25) Hornets team not a (27-7) stacked Miami team.

If the Bulls were able to get Dwight Howard in a trade for Boozer and Noah, along with some additional compensation, this deal could be made. I think it is worth it for the Bulls. Howard would supplement the rebounds lost from Noah and then some, while providing them with all-star caliber defense and the ability to score in pivotal moments. This would help take some off the pressure off Rose, balance their offense, and assure Rose he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Rose and Howard would be one of the best combinations in the league, with added help from Luol Deng and the emergence of Hamilton, the Bulls would really have a chance to compete for a championship. The have to be able to beat the Heat in the east and the Thunder in the west. Once the Thunder get their first championship and I quote Peter Newell, ” Will be a Dynasty”  which I agree with. They have both time and talent on their side and a cohesiveness matched by no other team. So, if the Bulls want to get Rose his much deserve championship they need to make this move.

What do you think about Rose, Howard, and the Bulls?


Instant Classics, Beat downs, and All-Stars, OH MY!

What a FANTASTIC weekend in sports. If you’re not excited to be a sports fan after this weekend then you should stop watching because it doesn’t get much better than this. We saw one of the best light weight fighters get dethroned, A most spectacular All-Star game, and not to mention a college hoops game that became an instant classic the moment time expired.

In the last scheduled game between long time rivals, Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers, fans expect there to be FIREWORKS, but these two teams BLEW the roof off! Kansas managed to erase a 19 point second half deficit to push the game into overtime where two late free throwsgave the Jayhawks the lead and win.Taylor finished with 28 points and 12 rebounds. The 19 point turnaround tied the largest deficit overcome at home and gave the Jayhawks the outright Big 12 conference title and a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. Not a bad way to end a rivalry.

Saturday night was filled with plenty of action as the UFC light-weight title was up for grabs. In the co-main eventRenonative, Ryan Bauder, got what could be argued as his greatest victory in the octagon defeating UFC legend Quinton “Rampage”Jackson.Jackson’s weakness just happened to be Bauder’s strength and that showed throughout the fight. There was little action in the stand up as most of the match consisted of Bauder taking down Rampage and utilizing his ground and pound, winning a decision.

 Frankie “the Answer” Edgar faced off against Benson Henderson in the light-weight championship fight. Edgar was hurt early from a vicious up kick fromHenderson, nearly knocking out Edgar. Blood gushed down Edgar’s face for the next three rounds as he tried to mount yet another comeback win. Benson Henderson had one of his best fights in the UFC and looked to be untouched at the end of five rounds, getting the unanimous decision victory.

Anthony Pettis also had a spectacular head-kick knockout victory earlier in the night. Pettis asked for a title shot against new UFC light-weight champion, Ben Henderson, who Pettis defeated for the WEC title.

Sunday entertained fans with the high-flying acrobats from the NBA All-Stars. Fans witnessed poor defense at its best as each team threw down dunk after dunk. These two teams were flying all over the court! Lebron James recorded 36 points in a losing comeback effort, while Bryant broke Jordan’s record for most all-star points. All-Star MVP, Kevin Durant, became the first player to record back to back 30 point All-Star games as he posted 36 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast, and 3 stl, while Westbrook added 21 pts, 5 reb, 2 ast, and 2 stl. The West’s 88 first half points were the most put up in All-Star history for them. This game was AMAZING!

Let me know what your favorite sports moment of the weekend was?

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Lin is good, Knicks are better

New York Knick’s sensation, Jeremy Lin, has been spectacular in his last nine games with the Knicks averaging 25 ppg, 9.2 apg, and 3.7 rpg. Lin has also set the NBA record for the most points in a players first five starts, passing Jordan and Iverson, and has a season high 38 points against the Lakers. He has helped the Knicks to a 7-2 record over their last nine games, but I believe the real benefit he has brought to the Knicks is unity, competitiveness, and a swagger that gives them the ability to compete with the top teams in the NBA.

Before Lin, the Knicks struggled for an identity. They couldn’t play defense, well still can’t, and they had two superstars competing against each other for shots. What you had was a team working against each other instead of working together in order to win games. Winning requires players to be unselfish and create opportunities for others, pre-Lin the Knicks were lacking this. With Lin in the line-up the Knicks have become more unified and now have a point guard that can drive inside, put up points, and most importantly create shots for his team mates. Lin can help control ball distribution and allow others to get involved while still turning to Anthony when their offense is struggling.

You can tell with Lin in the line-up the rest of the team is more cohesive but still lacks defense. Stoudemire and Anthony don’t play defense. Tyson Chandler was supposed to help on the defensive end, but the Knicks are still struggling in this department. As the Knicks chemistry continues to develop, I believe the Knicks will start playing towards the goal of the team instead of individual goals, improving their defense, giving them a chance to make a run in the East.

Lin is a very good player and he will only get better, but Lin’s best attribute is that he makes the entire Knicks team better. How do you feel about Lin’s emergence as a superstar?

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$28 Million Question….Peyton a Cowboy?

Even after his little brother, Eli, won his second Super bowl the spotlight still seems to be on Peyton Manning and where he will end up next season. Skepticism about whether Manning will be able to recover from his neck surgeries and return to his hall of fame level of play is unsure, but if it’s my team I would be willing to take a chance on one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. Manning is due $28 million dollars in March and it may be too much to keep him in Indianapolis.

Jim Irsay said earlier this week that Manning was welcomed back to the Colts under a restructured contract, but I feel that the two sides will be too far apart to come to an agreement. You can’t have your cake and eat it too Irsay! For these reasons, I feel at the start of the 2012 season Luck will be the starting QB for the Colts and Manning will be sporting a new team’s jersey. Talk about a HOT ticket item. So who will Manning be playing for next season, I say the Dallas Cowboys!

Yes, there are teams who need a QB much more than the Cowboys such as the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins, but they don’t seem to meet the qualifications Manning wants in order to go to a new team. He wants to play in a dome for a team that has a chance to compete and even though Romo has had some success he has consistently crumbled during big games and in pivotal moments.

One thing we do know is that Jerry Jones wants to win and wants to win now, and after two disappointing season under head coach Jason Garret, I believe Manning would have the ability to run the offense how he wants. Not only do we know Jones wants to win, but he isn’t afraid to spend the money to do so either. Romo could provide valuable trade options to fill some of the holes in the team while receiving a proven winner at the QB position.

Manning is very strategic when it comes to his career and will make sure at the end of the day he is in the best position to win a championship. I think the best fit is in Dallas, but what do you think?

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Lets Talk Sports!!!

I can remember squeezing as many friends and family members into the living room we could to watch our favorite sports teams compete for the chance to be world champions.  Sports are the only real-life drama that you can watch unfold right in front of your eyes. I couldn’t even BEGIN to explain the countless hours I have spent watching and predicting the outcome of games. Sports have been a major part of my life and are something I am very passionate about. They have played a major role in my development as a person and I want to create a community that shares the same passion as I do.

I will bring a fun, energetic voice to the sports world that will analyze key issues and matchups to provide my predictions. I would also like to educate people on how big of a commodity professional sports actually are. They provide millions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs. They are a huge part of the world’s economy.  I also hope to provide forward thinking concepts on issues I feel are pivotal moments in sports history.

I’m excited to bring you an interactive sports blog that allows people to compete in fantasy leagues, basketball brackets, and any other competitions we can think of. I will also provide a pick-of-the-day with my reasons why that team should be on your ticket. I am excited to post my first blog and begin to talk some sports.

So what do you have to say?