Will Nevada Cover?


“Monday Night Catastrophe”

What a game, we as fans, got to witness this past Monday night as the Green Bay Packers headed into Seattle to face a revamped Seahawks team. To me this game was a real treat just based on the physicality displayed by both teams throughout the game. The Seahawks sacked Aaron Rogers eight times in the first half not the mention the intense battles on the outsides. However, I’m not really here to discuss the actually game but how disastrous the officiating was.

It the third week of football, we continually have seen blown call after blown call, some of which are costing teams the game, as we saw tonight. In my honest opinion, and understanding that a tie goes to the receiver, I believe that it was an interception by Jennings on the last play of regulation in tonight’s game. At some point, you have to be worried about the integrity of the game and ESPN has enough bad calls to compile a “not top 100 plays” for the week. Now, don’t get me wrong I do not blame the referees for this either. They were thrown into a situation with an immense amount of pressure and many of which have little experience officiating at this level. Tonight, we saw downright horrible calls extend drives for both teams and I understand they are going to make mistakes, but there has to come a point where you say enough is enough.

The NFL needs to stand up a take responsibility for their actions just as the players do when the NFL hands out fine after fine for playing physical football. Plain and simple the NFL needs to resolve the labor negations “AND PAY THE MAN”. You are now compromising the game and putting many players’ well being at stake. I’m tired of these greedy bastards trying to save a buck wherever they can. Football is a billion dollar industry and while we watch the “fat cats get fatter” WE, the fans, are the ones who have to suffer.  Obviously, we have seen the skill set that is required to properly officiate an NFL game and the replacement ref’s aren’t cutting it. As a devoted fan, I am pulling out my red flag and challenging the NFL do what is right and what should have been done a long time ago. As the folks at ESPN would say, “C’MON MAN!!!”

What do you think about the new ref’s and the NFL’s way of handling these negotiations?

Alex Smith’s Last Chance

As a devoted 49er fan, I have witnessed the ups and downs over the past decade. I remember being a little kid watching the Niner’s playoff game against the Packers where Terrell Owens made his mark with a last second touchdown catch to advance the Niners into the second round of the playoffs along with the 2-14 season they had in 2004.

I was watching the draft that April evening when San Francisco selected, the future of the franchise,  Alex Smith as the #1 overall pick in the draft bypassing  Aaron Rogers. Like they say hind sight is 20/20 and if the Niners had the opportunity again they would have definitely selected Rodgers who has proven to be one of the most lethal quarterbacks in the league.

I really tried to give Smith a chance, but year after year my optimistic hopes were shattered by disappointment. I watched Smith constantly make mistakes, miss throws, and underperform in big situations and after 7 years of that you begin to lose faith. Having discussed this topic with a number of sports enthusiasts I willing to give Smith one more chance, but it does come with high demands.

This is Smith’s year to really break out of his shell and show people why he was selected as the #1 overall draft pick. The Niners have given Smith every offensive weapon he could dream of and have also brought back their entire defense from a year ago. This season will be a failure for me from the quarterback position unless Smith is regarded in statistics with Brady, Rodgers, and Manning. I want him to have more than two 300 yard passing games in a season and have a touchdown to interception ratio that is among the best in the league.

The biggest problem I have with the entire situation surrounding Smith is that year after year everyone wants to take the blame of f Smith. Nobody wants to hold him accountable when he suppose to be the leader of the team; he is always supposed to be held accountable. People constantly blame it on the Offensive coordinators or the lack of weapons, but no one ever wants to say Smith needs to step up and figure the problem out. I am doing that today. Smith needs to have a career year to gain my support back and without one will lose it forever.

This year, Smith has such a wide variety of ammunition around him with Moss, Manningham, Crabtree, Davis, Walker, Gore, and rookies Jenkins and James that he should never have a problem finding someone who can make a play. Not to mention, he has his entire starting defense returning along with a good offensive line. That tells me is that it is all on you this year Smith. The Niners have figured out all the pieces to the puzzle except the one at Quarterback. This is the make it or break it year.

I don’t want to hear any more excuses be the leader of the team and get it done.  Show everyone what the Niners saw in you in 2005.

If the Niners would have landed Manning they are super bowl champions. I accredit that to how good Manning is, but also to how complete of a team the Niners have and it is time to make things happen.


Clippers Comeback

The 2012 NBA playoffs have kicked off with plenty of excitement from a buzzer beater in Oklahoma to one of the greatest playoff comebacks in history. Chris young helped spark the comeback with three critical 3-pointers late while Paul added two clutch free throws to complete the miraculous comeback.

The Memphis Grizzlies seemed to be cruising to an easy 1-0 lead over the LA Clippers as they headed into the half with a 19 point lead Sunday. The Grizzlies’ came out into the third quarter looking to put this game away extending their lead to 21 headed into the fourth, but this game would be far from over.

The Clippers would outscore the Grizzly’s by 22 in the fourth quarter and amount a 22-1 run in order to get them the 99-98 win in Memphis. This critical game one win took away home court advantage from Memphis which could prove to be the difference in this series.

Not only did this game level the home court advantage, but also had to be huge blow the team’s morale. This could have broken the spirit of the Grizzlies and depending how they come out in game two could have sealed their fate.

The Clippers have been a much better team this year after acquiring Paul from the Hornets. They have come together as a team and have given them the ability to be competitive in the western conference something that was unheard of a couple of years ago.

The Clippers could cause some problems for teams in the west and make a surprise run for a championship. Let us know what you think about the Clippers comeback and what you think will be the story for the rest of the series.


6 Former UNR Players Headed to the NFL, 4 Drafted Breaks School Record

The NFL Draft, as we expected, went Andrew Luck #1 to the Colts and RG3 #2 to the Washington Redskins. If there wasn’t enough news surrounding theses players before the draft wait for the season to start.

These two quarterbacks will have to forever live in the shadow of each other. Luck seems to be the better prepared QB  to make the transition to the NFL however, you can’t deny the pure talent and raw ability of RG3 who could be the quarterback of the future, but enough about these two guys.

I am here today to acknowledge the continued success of the University of Nevada, Reno athletic program and their ability to continually recruit and shape players in NFL pros.

The University of Nevada, Reno broke a school record over the weekend having four players selected in this year’s NFL Draft, while having another two sign as free agents. Nevada continues to build the quality of their football program with Hall of Fame coach Chris Ault leading the way. Ault is 1 of 2 active coaches who are in the hall of fame and Ault is credited as the creator of the “Pistol Offense” that has spread throughout college football in recent years.

Nevada has produced NFL talent such as WR Nate Burleson (Detroit Lions), TE Virgil Green (Denver Broncos), and QB Colin Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers traded up in last year’s draft to land the former Nevada QB. He is also expected to have the opportunity to take over the face of the franchise in upcoming years. That’s a pretty BIG deal!

This was another great year for Nevada in the NFL draft. Although Nevada didn’t have a player come off the board until James-Michael Johnson LB in the fourth round,  Nevada still broke a school record by having four players taken in this year’s draft and had another two sign with teams through free agency. You never know what hidden gems you might find in the later rounds. Tom Brady was drafted in sixth round with the 199th overall pick and look how that turned out.

Here is the complete list of all the former Nevada players picked up this year by the NFL:

  • James-Michael Johnson LB – Round 4 – Cleveland Browns

  • Brandon Marshall LB – Round 5 Pick 142 – Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Isaiah Frey CB – Round 6 Pick 184 – Chicago Bears

  • Rishard Mathews WR- Round 7 Pick 227 – Miami Dolphins

Free Agent Signings:

  • Brett Roy DT- New York Jets

  • Kaelin Burnett – Oakland Raiders

UFC 145: Jones Proves he’s the Best

OnApril 21, 2012the much anticipated match between former friends, and teammates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones went down. There was a number of verbal exchanges between the two headed up to the fight that made it one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC.

In this fight, Jon “Bones” Jones proved that he the badest fighter in the 205 weight class. When you saw these two fighters standing in the cage together you wonder how they were even in the same weight class. This fight was similar to the classic tale David and Goliath, except in this story Goliath wins. Jones punished Evans with a variety of kicks, punches, and devastating elbows.

Rashad was caught with elbows to the face all night and on a couple of occasions and was badly hurt, but was able to survive the five rounds. Evans had a couple flashes of greatness in which he caught Jones, but nothing that really hurt him.

Jones was just a much bigger more diversified fighter and that showed in this fight. Jones retains his championship belt and leaves the question, who’s next? It seems that there isn’t much completion left in the 205 class for Jones. Jones is the best fighter in the UFC in my opinion, and maybe the fans will be fortunate enough to see a Jones vs. Silva fight in the future. This fight seems more probable if Silva loses to Sonnen this summer, but we will have to wait a find out.

Jones is the new class of fighter as well as the future of the UFC. I believe Jones will be champion for years to come. This was Jones’ third title defense in 7 months and he made everyone of his competitors look like amateurs, no offense to them but it just shows how good of a fighter Jones is.


Pat Summit Says Fairwell

One of the greatest coaches in college basketball is saying good bye to the game. Pat Summit, who has been the Tennessee Lady Vandals head coach for 38 season now passes the torch to assistant coach Holly Warlick. Warlick has been an assistant at Tennessee for 27 years and has been there for much of the team’s success, but none the less will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Summit announced, August 23, that she has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia associated with Alzheimer helping her make the decisions for this to be her last season. Summit has over 1000 career victories and has won eight national champions. She is the most winning coach in college basketball for both men’s and women’s basketball and can be argued as the greatest college coach ever.

It is going to be very sad not to see Summit at the helm of the Lady Vandals next season, but she isn’t walking away completely. She will become the head coach emeritus and be allowed to sit behind the bench during games and provide the team and coach with her insight. Summit will still be able to have some type of impact on the team and help where she can.

Summit is also going to receive the Medal of Freedom from President Obama which recognizes Summit with the nation’s highest civilian honor and with that here is a list of  Pat Summit’s career achievements.

Pat Summit Résumé


  • 8 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Champions
    • ’87, ‘89, ‘91, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘07, ‘08
  • 16 Time SEC Champions
    • ’80, ’85,’90,’93,’94,’95,’98,’99,’00,’01,’02,’03,’04,’07,’10,’11
  • 16 Time SEC tournament Champions
    • ‘80,’85,’88,’89,’92,’94,’96,’98,’99,’00,’05,’06,’08,’10,’11,’12


  • 2000 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 8 Time SEC Coach of the Year
  • 7 Time NCAA Coach of the Year
  • Naismith Coach of the 20 Century
  • 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom