Clippers Comeback

The 2012 NBA playoffs have kicked off with plenty of excitement from a buzzer beater in Oklahoma to one of the greatest playoff comebacks in history. Chris young helped spark the comeback with three critical 3-pointers late while Paul added two clutch free throws to complete the miraculous comeback.

The Memphis Grizzlies seemed to be cruising to an easy 1-0 lead over the LA Clippers as they headed into the half with a 19 point lead Sunday. The Grizzlies’ came out into the third quarter looking to put this game away extending their lead to 21 headed into the fourth, but this game would be far from over.

The Clippers would outscore the Grizzly’s by 22 in the fourth quarter and amount a 22-1 run in order to get them the 99-98 win in Memphis. This critical game one win took away home court advantage from Memphis which could prove to be the difference in this series.

Not only did this game level the home court advantage, but also had to be huge blow the team’s morale. This could have broken the spirit of the Grizzlies and depending how they come out in game two could have sealed their fate.

The Clippers have been a much better team this year after acquiring Paul from the Hornets. They have come together as a team and have given them the ability to be competitive in the western conference something that was unheard of a couple of years ago.

The Clippers could cause some problems for teams in the west and make a surprise run for a championship. Let us know what you think about the Clippers comeback and what you think will be the story for the rest of the series.



Pat Summit Says Fairwell

One of the greatest coaches in college basketball is saying good bye to the game. Pat Summit, who has been the Tennessee Lady Vandals head coach for 38 season now passes the torch to assistant coach Holly Warlick. Warlick has been an assistant at Tennessee for 27 years and has been there for much of the team’s success, but none the less will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Summit announced, August 23, that she has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia associated with Alzheimer helping her make the decisions for this to be her last season. Summit has over 1000 career victories and has won eight national champions. She is the most winning coach in college basketball for both men’s and women’s basketball and can be argued as the greatest college coach ever.

It is going to be very sad not to see Summit at the helm of the Lady Vandals next season, but she isn’t walking away completely. She will become the head coach emeritus and be allowed to sit behind the bench during games and provide the team and coach with her insight. Summit will still be able to have some type of impact on the team and help where she can.

Summit is also going to receive the Medal of Freedom from President Obama which recognizes Summit with the nation’s highest civilian honor and with that here is a list of  Pat Summit’s career achievements.

Pat Summit Résumé


  • 8 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Champions
    • ’87, ‘89, ‘91, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘07, ‘08
  • 16 Time SEC Champions
    • ’80, ’85,’90,’93,’94,’95,’98,’99,’00,’01,’02,’03,’04,’07,’10,’11
  • 16 Time SEC tournament Champions
    • ‘80,’85,’88,’89,’92,’94,’96,’98,’99,’00,’05,’06,’08,’10,’11,’12


  • 2000 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 8 Time SEC Coach of the Year
  • 7 Time NCAA Coach of the Year
  • Naismith Coach of the 20 Century
  • 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Is Kobe Really Hurt?

With a shortened season that has proved demanding on the players, especially the older ones, is coming to an end with many teams resting their star players for the playoffs.Kobehas not played since April 6 and has only missed 100 games in his 16 year career, but are the Lakers resting him or is he actually hurt?

As I was watching ESPN today, one of the announcers explained it best saying it just isn’tKobe’s style. Bryant has displayed both his physical and mental toughness throughout his career by playing hurt. Not only has he played while being hurt, but he has also performed very well when he did. He said if Kobe wasn’t hurt he would throw down a couple forty point games just so everyone knew he was the scoring champ.

Some may even make the argument that the Lakers are better without him in the line up based on the team’s success during his current injury. The Lakers have managed a 4-1 record without Bryant and have key players stepping up, including Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace. However, no team is better of without Kobe Bryant and that’s just fact.

What this will do for the Lakers is make them very dangerous come playoff time, and I’ll tell you why. Kobe Bryant will get some rest who is probably feeling the affects of the shortened season. You also get key players getting key playing time that will help with confidence and getting the team playing well together. It’s just all happening and the right time.

Bryant said in a halftime interview that his shin is feeling much better and he expects to be back playing before the playoffs. This will make sure he is in some sort of a rhythm come playoff time.

Bynum put out a 23 and 16 performance; Ramon Sessions added another 22 points and 5 assists, and Pau Gasol with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Gasol also answered two late 3-points that seal the game for the Lakers in OT. The Lakers are going to be very dangerous come playoff time so don’t count them out of make a run for a championship.

Miami Heat +1.5

The Chicago Bulls are unsure if Derrick Rose will play tonight against the Miami Heat. This is a pivitol game for both teams. The Bulls are trying to hang on to the top spot in the Eastern Conference, and with the season coming to an end this is a must win game for the Heat if they want to challenge the Bulls in any way. Everyone knows the Heat are a superstar stacked team, but have had a lot of critisim for their poor poerformances. Without Rose in the lineup I think that you have to believe the Heat can win this game; especially, when they are getting a point and a half.

Record: 04-05-01

San Antonio Spurs +3

The San Antonio Spurs are streaking at the right time, right before playoffs. I thought the Spurs were very impressive last night against the team they are facing tonight, the Utah Jazz. This game will be played inUtah, but I don’t know if that will be enough to beat a very good Spurs team, especially with a depleted back court.Utahlost C.J. Miles (strained calf) and Earl Watson (sore right knee) in the second quarter of yesterday’s game. The Spurs are playing so well lately,  they will get there 12 straight victory.

Record: 04-04-01

POTD Summary

Hello everybody, here is a wrap up of my picks for April. I started out the week streaking on a three game win streak, while predicting the national champions in both women’s and men’s college basketball. Let’s give a round of applause to Baylor and Kentuckywho were both dominant teams throughout the season and really proved why they are national champions. You got to see the two best players in each sport help propel their teams into NCAA history. My win percentage for April is .500 but guarantee improvement.

Things started to cool when I predicted the Miami Marlins to take out the defending world champions on opening day. The Cardinals came out strong as if they had something to prove, while the Marlins came out lackadaisical as if all the hype was going to get them a win.  In this case we were both wrong. I had a pick on the OKC Thunder game that resulted in my first push of the season and with the lack of action in other leagues I turned back to baseball. I thought the Angels would get me an easy win against the KC Royals, but after a shutout loss a couple of nights before they came to play. A good friend of mine has ties to Kansas and it seems like every time I bet against them I have to hear it from the peanut gallery, but the frustrating part is they always show up to play when I bet against them. This was the case for this game. The Royals would jump out to a  5-0 lead to finish the game with a 6-3 final.

Lastly, I will wrap up with my most recent loss that could be the most devastating of them all. With a day filled of huge spreads it was my gut instinct to go with another over under. My pick was the Spurs Jazz under 210.5 and at half the game looked like an easy win, only being at 97. Unfortunately, the Jazz turned it up in the third scoring 36 points while the Spurs stayed steady. The Jazz late game push wasn’t enough for a win, but was enough for the Spurs to keep their foot on the throttle that sent this game over.

It was a tough second part of the week for picks, but that only makes me want to research it more to provide all the fans of Says Who Sports the winning pick of the day.


San Antonio Spurs Und 210.5

Surging San Antonio Spurs will do battle tonight with the Utah Jazz who are also playing well as of late. The Spurs can tie there season long win streak at 11 tonight will a win, but the Jazz will have something to say about it. The Jazz have won 2 of their last 3 games trying solidifying a spot in the western conference playoffs. Both teams really have a lot to play for tonight and it will be a matter of who shows up to play. The game should be exciting but it will stay under 211.

Record: 04-02-01