“Monday Night Catastrophe”

What a game, we as fans, got to witness this past Monday night as the Green Bay Packers headed into Seattle to face a revamped Seahawks team. To me this game was a real treat just based on the physicality displayed by both teams throughout the game. The Seahawks sacked Aaron Rogers eight times in the first half not the mention the intense battles on the outsides. However, I’m not really here to discuss the actually game but how disastrous the officiating was.

It the third week of football, we continually have seen blown call after blown call, some of which are costing teams the game, as we saw tonight. In my honest opinion, and understanding that a tie goes to the receiver, I believe that it was an interception by Jennings on the last play of regulation in tonight’s game. At some point, you have to be worried about the integrity of the game and ESPN has enough bad calls to compile a “not top 100 plays” for the week. Now, don’t get me wrong I do not blame the referees for this either. They were thrown into a situation with an immense amount of pressure and many of which have little experience officiating at this level. Tonight, we saw downright horrible calls extend drives for both teams and I understand they are going to make mistakes, but there has to come a point where you say enough is enough.

The NFL needs to stand up a take responsibility for their actions just as the players do when the NFL hands out fine after fine for playing physical football. Plain and simple the NFL needs to resolve the labor negations “AND PAY THE MAN”. You are now compromising the game and putting many players’ well being at stake. I’m tired of these greedy bastards trying to save a buck wherever they can. Football is a billion dollar industry and while we watch the “fat cats get fatter” WE, the fans, are the ones who have to suffer.  Obviously, we have seen the skill set that is required to properly officiate an NFL game and the replacement ref’s aren’t cutting it. As a devoted fan, I am pulling out my red flag and challenging the NFL do what is right and what should have been done a long time ago. As the folks at ESPN would say, “C’MON MAN!!!”

What do you think about the new ref’s and the NFL’s way of handling these negotiations?


6 Former UNR Players Headed to the NFL, 4 Drafted Breaks School Record

The NFL Draft, as we expected, went Andrew Luck #1 to the Colts and RG3 #2 to the Washington Redskins. If there wasn’t enough news surrounding theses players before the draft wait for the season to start.

These two quarterbacks will have to forever live in the shadow of each other. Luck seems to be the better prepared QB  to make the transition to the NFL however, you can’t deny the pure talent and raw ability of RG3 who could be the quarterback of the future, but enough about these two guys.

I am here today to acknowledge the continued success of the University of Nevada, Reno athletic program and their ability to continually recruit and shape players in NFL pros.

The University of Nevada, Reno broke a school record over the weekend having four players selected in this year’s NFL Draft, while having another two sign as free agents. Nevada continues to build the quality of their football program with Hall of Fame coach Chris Ault leading the way. Ault is 1 of 2 active coaches who are in the hall of fame and Ault is credited as the creator of the “Pistol Offense” that has spread throughout college football in recent years.

Nevada has produced NFL talent such as WR Nate Burleson (Detroit Lions), TE Virgil Green (Denver Broncos), and QB Colin Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers traded up in last year’s draft to land the former Nevada QB. He is also expected to have the opportunity to take over the face of the franchise in upcoming years. That’s a pretty BIG deal!

This was another great year for Nevada in the NFL draft. Although Nevada didn’t have a player come off the board until James-Michael Johnson LB in the fourth round,  Nevada still broke a school record by having four players taken in this year’s draft and had another two sign with teams through free agency. You never know what hidden gems you might find in the later rounds. Tom Brady was drafted in sixth round with the 199th overall pick and look how that turned out.

Here is the complete list of all the former Nevada players picked up this year by the NFL:

  • James-Michael Johnson LB – Round 4 – Cleveland Browns

  • Brandon Marshall LB – Round 5 Pick 142 – Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Isaiah Frey CB – Round 6 Pick 184 – Chicago Bears

  • Rishard Mathews WR- Round 7 Pick 227 – Miami Dolphins

Free Agent Signings:

  • Brett Roy DT- New York Jets

  • Kaelin Burnett – Oakland Raiders

Golden Boy will go to the Golden State

I talked earlier this year that the Dallas Cowboys would be a good fit for Peyton Manning for the fact that they met a lot of the requirements that Manning was looking for. They have an owner, Jerry Jones, that isn’t afraid to spend money to get players that he wants and we know he wants to win. However, the Cowboys made no moves towards Manning and seem as though they will continue to put their faith in “Choking” Tony Romo. Romo has been a successful quarterback in the NFL but seems to lack that “Tebow quality” which is to win when it matters.

The three teams who seem to be serious contenders to land Manning are the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, and the San Francisco 49ers. All teams have qualities that appeal to Manning; the Broncos have hall of fame quarterback John Elway in their front office who has been able to develop a relationship with Manning that could get him to sign. The Titans are in the same state in which he went to college and could possibly provide opportunities for him after football. Not to mention, both teams are in the AFC where Manning has said he would prefer to stay. Lastly, we have the 49ers which I feel provide the most opportunity for Manning.

The Niners finished last season with a 13-3 record and made it to the NFC championship game with a mediocre quarterback. They play outdoors but being on the west coast experience warm weather most of the year so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker. They have a line that can keep Manning upright and give him the time he needs in the pocket, and a defense that will help out on the other side of the ball. The Niners really give Manning the best chance to win another Super Bowl.

San Francisco also has an excellent coach in Jim Harbaugh who was even able to make Alex Smith look like a decent NFL quarterback. There is one problem though; Manning and Smith currently have the same agent, Tom Condon, in which it is impossible for him to look out for the best interest of both players. This is more of a problem for Smith in that Condon will look out for Manning before Smith. Smith will most likely have to change agents unless he decides that he wants to pursue another team.

The Niners have made some very good free agency moves bringing in Randy Moss to stretch the field and re-signing CB Carlos Rogers. Moss has received criticism throughout his career for giving up in games, but seems excited to be apart of the 49ers team. A motivate Randy Moss is a very dangerous weapon. He will also have one of the elite running backs in his back field, something he hasn’t had since Edgerrin James. This will relieve some of the pressure of having to throw the ball 50 times a game. I think that the Niners give Peyton Manning the best opportunity to win, and at the end of the day he will suit up in the red and gold, while Smith will be in a different uniform for the first time in his NFL career. If Smith signs with another team I believe he will prove that the Niners success last year was a product of a great coach not a good quarterback.

I have waited seven years for the 49ers to make a change at quarterback and with that in sight I can’t wait for football season to start. I would love to know what the Says Who Sports fans have to say about this.

Tips to becoming a Sports Agent

A career as a sports agent isn’t for everyone, but for those who do succeed in the industry may enjoy huge paydays. It is estimated that about 70% of players are represented by about 20% of certified agents. It is a very competitive career choice and takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication. If you want to become an agent you will have to spend a lot of time on the road, making it very hard on the people around you. You are going to be required to work long hours, and if you think your first client is going to be Derrick Rose or Cam Newton, you’re wrong. In this industry you are going to have to start at the bottom and work you way to the top.

This industry is often criticized for its corruption. There are a lot of agents willing to break the rules and provide compensation to players in order to sign them. As we have seen in recent years with the surfacing of scandals like Reggie Bush at USC and allegations against Cam Newton. This makes an already competitive industry that much more difficult. However, if you work hard and pay your dues I don’t see any reason why you can’t become an agent.

I aspire to become a NFL agent, but once I started looking into it I found that it was very hard to find information on how to become and agent. Now, I am here to give you the knowledge I have gained about the three major sports MLB, NFL, and NBA sports agent’s qualifications.

  • Minimum education level in a Bachelors degree; Marketing and Sports Management are good fields of study to become an agent.
  • The NFL requires their agents to have a graduate degree. You can either have an MBA or Law degree. Many agents get their law degree because of quantity of contract negotiations they are involved in.
  • All Leagues require you to become certified before you can represent players which means passing an exam administer by them. There are courses to prepare you for these exams.
  • Agents usually receive between 3-10% of the player’s contract. The NFL allows a maximum of 3%.
  • Internships are very helpful in establishing yourself in the industry. Anywhere you can get you foot in the door is a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to contact an agency and ask for help.
  • Finally, network network network. You can never know enough people in the industry and building relationships is key. You never know when you will catch a break.

I hope this helps anyone who is interested in becoming a sports agent. It is a very tough industry that will separate the strong from the weak, but if you put in the hard work and dedication combine with an eye for talent there is no reason you can’t be the next big shot.

The New Orlean “Head Hunters”

The New Orleans Saints have come under scrutiny in recent weeks involving special bounty programs that provided incentives to players for game ending injuries. The Saints will most likely face some sort of punishment from the league for their involvement. Former Saints Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams, recently admitted and apologized for his involvement in the “bounty program”.

Morally this is wrong and everyone can admit to that. You can’t justify providing incentives to purposely hurt players, it is Wrong. Professional football is a very physical sport and injuries are going to occur. Paying your players to hurt another that could affect their, career, family, and personal-well being can’t be tolerated. There is a difference between hitting hard and trying to hurt another player.

However, is the league the one to BLAME? I say this because every year rules are adjusted that change the game of football. This year it was changing the kickoff from the 30 to the 35 yard line, virtually eliminating kickoff returns. Kickoff returns were a game changing and very exciting part of football, but because players have been seriously injured the league has changed the rules to prevent them. When you sign up to be a professional football player you know the risk that is at hand.

Now days, Receivers are becoming the new QB when it comes to rules. It use to be a skill attribute for a receiver to be able to go across the middle and be successful at it, now players get flagged for even making legal hits.

It is much more difficult to play in the defensive secondary than to be a receiver. You have much more to process and anticipate while still having to be in a position to make a play on the ball. Then you have to worry about all the penalties you are not trying to commit. Let the players PLAY, or change the name to the National Flag-football League.

Defense is American and this is AMERICAN FOOTBALL.

Let me know what you think about the bounty incentives and all the rules in place to protect players. Are they fair?