“Monday Night Catastrophe”

What a game, we as fans, got to witness this past Monday night as the Green Bay Packers headed into Seattle to face a revamped Seahawks team. To me this game was a real treat just based on the physicality displayed by both teams throughout the game. The Seahawks sacked Aaron Rogers eight times in the first half not the mention the intense battles on the outsides. However, I’m not really here to discuss the actually game but how disastrous the officiating was.

It the third week of football, we continually have seen blown call after blown call, some of which are costing teams the game, as we saw tonight. In my honest opinion, and understanding that a tie goes to the receiver, I believe that it was an interception by Jennings on the last play of regulation in tonight’s game. At some point, you have to be worried about the integrity of the game and ESPN has enough bad calls to compile a “not top 100 plays” for the week. Now, don’t get me wrong I do not blame the referees for this either. They were thrown into a situation with an immense amount of pressure and many of which have little experience officiating at this level. Tonight, we saw downright horrible calls extend drives for both teams and I understand they are going to make mistakes, but there has to come a point where you say enough is enough.

The NFL needs to stand up a take responsibility for their actions just as the players do when the NFL hands out fine after fine for playing physical football. Plain and simple the NFL needs to resolve the labor negations “AND PAY THE MAN”. You are now compromising the game and putting many players’ well being at stake. I’m tired of these greedy bastards trying to save a buck wherever they can. Football is a billion dollar industry and while we watch the “fat cats get fatter” WE, the fans, are the ones who have to suffer.  Obviously, we have seen the skill set that is required to properly officiate an NFL game and the replacement ref’s aren’t cutting it. As a devoted fan, I am pulling out my red flag and challenging the NFL do what is right and what should have been done a long time ago. As the folks at ESPN would say, “C’MON MAN!!!”

What do you think about the new ref’s and the NFL’s way of handling these negotiations?