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Rose Needs Howard.

Derrick Rose NEEDS Dwight Howard! He is the only player in the NBA that can help the Bulls get past the Heat in the east. Derrick Rose has proven time and time again that he is a phenomenal player, but like we have been told since we were kids there is no I in TEAM. He is going to need someone to help out a little more consistently than Boozer and Noah.

Boozer only plays quality basketball against teams that aren’t worth a damn, and he decides not to show up when the game actually means something. When you are playing GAME SEVEN, in MIAMI, on the ROAD, you need everyone to show up! Joakim Noah plays hard, gets rebounds, and you could make the argument that he had a good game last night. However, most of his points came early in the game and  provided little help when it came down to the wire. Rose had to take the game over for the Bulls to squeak by with a win. He knew the game was in his hands and he had to make a play. This really limits your offensive attack especially late in the game. Not to mention this was against an (8-25) Hornets team not a (27-7) stacked Miami team.

If the Bulls were able to get Dwight Howard in a trade for Boozer and Noah, along with some additional compensation, this deal could be made. I think it is worth it for the Bulls. Howard would supplement the rebounds lost from Noah and then some, while providing them with all-star caliber defense and the ability to score in pivotal moments. This would help take some off the pressure off Rose, balance their offense, and assure Rose he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Rose and Howard would be one of the best combinations in the league, with added help from Luol Deng and the emergence of Hamilton, the Bulls would really have a chance to compete for a championship. The have to be able to beat the Heat in the east and the Thunder in the west. Once the Thunder get their first championship and I quote Peter Newell, ” Will be a Dynasty”  which I agree with. They have both time and talent on their side and a cohesiveness matched by no other team. So, if the Bulls want to get Rose his much deserve championship they need to make this move.

What do you think about Rose, Howard, and the Bulls?