UFC 145: Jones Proves he’s the Best

OnApril 21, 2012the much anticipated match between former friends, and teammates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones went down. There was a number of verbal exchanges between the two headed up to the fight that made it one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC.

In this fight, Jon “Bones” Jones proved that he the badest fighter in the 205 weight class. When you saw these two fighters standing in the cage together you wonder how they were even in the same weight class. This fight was similar to the classic tale David and Goliath, except in this story Goliath wins. Jones punished Evans with a variety of kicks, punches, and devastating elbows.

Rashad was caught with elbows to the face all night and on a couple of occasions and was badly hurt, but was able to survive the five rounds. Evans had a couple flashes of greatness in which he caught Jones, but nothing that really hurt him.

Jones was just a much bigger more diversified fighter and that showed in this fight. Jones retains his championship belt and leaves the question, who’s next? It seems that there isn’t much completion left in the 205 class for Jones. Jones is the best fighter in the UFC in my opinion, and maybe the fans will be fortunate enough to see a Jones vs. Silva fight in the future. This fight seems more probable if Silva loses to Sonnen this summer, but we will have to wait a find out.

Jones is the new class of fighter as well as the future of the UFC. I believe Jones will be champion for years to come. This was Jones’ third title defense in 7 months and he made everyone of his competitors look like amateurs, no offense to them but it just shows how good of a fighter Jones is.