Alex Smith’s Last Chance

As a devoted 49er fan, I have witnessed the ups and downs over the past decade. I remember being a little kid watching the Niner’s playoff game against the Packers where Terrell Owens made his mark with a last second touchdown catch to advance the Niners into the second round of the playoffs along with the 2-14 season they had in 2004.

I was watching the draft that April evening when San Francisco selected, the future of the franchise,  Alex Smith as the #1 overall pick in the draft bypassing  Aaron Rogers. Like they say hind sight is 20/20 and if the Niners had the opportunity again they would have definitely selected Rodgers who has proven to be one of the most lethal quarterbacks in the league.

I really tried to give Smith a chance, but year after year my optimistic hopes were shattered by disappointment. I watched Smith constantly make mistakes, miss throws, and underperform in big situations and after 7 years of that you begin to lose faith. Having discussed this topic with a number of sports enthusiasts I willing to give Smith one more chance, but it does come with high demands.

This is Smith’s year to really break out of his shell and show people why he was selected as the #1 overall draft pick. The Niners have given Smith every offensive weapon he could dream of and have also brought back their entire defense from a year ago. This season will be a failure for me from the quarterback position unless Smith is regarded in statistics with Brady, Rodgers, and Manning. I want him to have more than two 300 yard passing games in a season and have a touchdown to interception ratio that is among the best in the league.

The biggest problem I have with the entire situation surrounding Smith is that year after year everyone wants to take the blame of f Smith. Nobody wants to hold him accountable when he suppose to be the leader of the team; he is always supposed to be held accountable. People constantly blame it on the Offensive coordinators or the lack of weapons, but no one ever wants to say Smith needs to step up and figure the problem out. I am doing that today. Smith needs to have a career year to gain my support back and without one will lose it forever.

This year, Smith has such a wide variety of ammunition around him with Moss, Manningham, Crabtree, Davis, Walker, Gore, and rookies Jenkins and James that he should never have a problem finding someone who can make a play. Not to mention, he has his entire starting defense returning along with a good offensive line. That tells me is that it is all on you this year Smith. The Niners have figured out all the pieces to the puzzle except the one at Quarterback. This is the make it or break it year.

I don’t want to hear any more excuses be the leader of the team and get it done.  Show everyone what the Niners saw in you in 2005.

If the Niners would have landed Manning they are super bowl champions. I accredit that to how good Manning is, but also to how complete of a team the Niners have and it is time to make things happen.